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January 1, 2019

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January 1, 2019
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Want to know what we have found out? Listen in my friend.

  • one is for good girls
  • two is for bad
  • three is for neither
  • which is what makes me sad

Hellow this is a paragraph to see how this works

Hellow this is a paragraph to see how this works Hellow this is a paragraph to see how this works Hellow this is a paragraph to see how this works Hellow this is a paragraph to see how this works Hellow this is a paragraph to see how this works

Hellow this is a paragraph to see how this works

Hellow this is a paragraph to see how this works

Ok, I am going to start typeing my sales letter right here. But first, let’s go see the sales letter template.


You need links, but links are expensive. What are you to do?

You need links, but you are scared to buy, ask, trade or even consider this. What are you to do?

Link Sellers aren’t the trusting bunch. they advertise the great sites to get guest posting on, but you post is UR/DR aren’t even close to what they advertised! What are you to do?

How do you even know how many links you need? What are you to do?

You’ve done your On-Page SEO and it’s perfect, but you aren’t close to ranking on page one. What are you to do?

When you do get links, you can’t ever change them once you do. What are you to do?

Link Sellers say that Google loves their links, but you can’t be sure. What are you to do?

Hellow this is a paragraph to see how this works


1 - Call out to your audience: WARNING, ATTENTION, LIMITED TIME OFFER etc.


2 - Headlines - Grab their attention with your Big Promise Headline telling them, specifically, what you are going to teach them

SEONitro 2.0 – The Only SEO Management Software that Completely Immunizes You to Google’s Latest Algorithm Changes & Updates

New “Patent Pending” software allows you to add, remove, or change links at will and within minutes… keeping you ahead of competitors by aligning your site with every new change Google makes to its algorithm.

Naughty Boys and Girls Pass PageRank to Boost Rankings and are Identified as “Rank Modifiers” by Google’s Matt Cutts.

3 - Backup the big promise with a quick explanation (sub-headline)

Our Link Networks & Link Management System Help You Relax Knowing That YOU Are In “COMPLETE CONTROL of your Rankings!

Do NOT Be At The Mercy Of Other Web Maters For Links!

Doing What it Takes To Get Our Sites SEEN
It is What We SEO’s (Rank Modifiers) Do!

Combining The Power Of A Blog Network
And A Buffer Network Gives You


4 - Identify the problem by telling a story and make sure they know that it is NOT their fault that they struggle right now. Introduce Yourself.

We know without a shadow of doubt that link networks still work and they work REALLY, REALLY well, (and if you don’t know that, don’t just take my word for it… Read what some of the other SEO Professionals have to say about them.

Problem: Google went after “link modifiers” and forced the “real” businesses that cared enough about their business to do SEO, off of organic search by penalizing them… which forced then to rely on Google’s paid advertising programs (Adwords) to stay in business! Afterall, Google’s a business too, and that’s how they make money. Good for them. BAD for us.

Problem: And with all of those recent updates, we’ve all become more concerned of the health (i.e. quality) of the sites linking to our “money sites” as well as the anchor text we use… so we don’t over optimize our money sites… and get penalized.

Problem: Google’s Algorithm Changes – How long did it take you to recover from Google’s last algorithm change?

Problem: Changing your links to match what Google currently wants is a painful, long process where you have the struggle of pleading with webmasters to remove links… or work on adding tons of new links and anchor text to adjust your link profile.

If You Can’t Control Your Links You Will Forever Be at Google’s Mercy

Now, as bad as this situation is, we are not completely powerless to the whims of Google.

The key is preparation.  There are many things in life that can be nasty and unpredictable.  The weather can give you a storm at any time.  The stock market can take a fall or surge upwards.  How well you survive or thrive in these events is based on how protected you are and how well you arm yourself ahead of time.

5 - Provide your solution, Introducing

You already have control over your on-site factors, so that’s already taken care of.  The one missing piece… external linking… is now totally solved through SEONitro and no other software on the planet exists that can do this. 

In fact, Google has a hard time figuring them out

There has NEVER been a SEO dashboard that enables you to change link profiles to match the current search engine climate. And, you can ONLY get it here!

Let me spell out what SEONitro can do for you…

Bottom line, networks are valuable because it is LINKS that make your sites move up the search engines… plain and simple. And yes, you have to have good On-Page optimization to stay out of reach, but it is still about links.

And it rings more true today than ever before. NOW, not only do we need the power from a traditional blog (link) network, but we need to be able to protect our money sites as well.


I then tell them what a Link Network is. How it came to being a BLOG NETWORK. (I could talk about why blog networks work so well here)

Now that you understand what a blog network is, why they work so well, let me explain why and how do they protect your money site.

Your Links Stay on the sites as long as they are live!

6 - Show pain (with empathy & affinity) - could hit the frustration/embarrassment angle harder. Even experienced SEOs can learn something from this.

One Option: Is my history lesson on POE’s sales letter. The lessons we have learned in the past.

7 - Explain ease-of-use - Tackles three of their biggest objections

1) Money - Bang for buck
2) Time - set and forget option
3) Getting My Sites Penalized

You CAN use our networks to link directly to your money site because we HAVE packed in the ability for you to CHANGE your links anytime you want! Or delete them (of send them to your competitor lol) if you see fit. It really depends on your own individual risk tolerance.

And just to remind you, ANYTHING you do to try and manipulate the search engines (which is the definition of SEO) is against Google’s terms and conditions. So, if you are going to do it, and yes I am still going to do it, then I have to be stealth about it.

8 - Show speed of results - also covered above and below 

start here

9 - Future cast – Explain to them how their life will be better because of your solution
 Picture this.
 Forces the reader to visualise the results that come from following the guide

start here

10 - Prove that you are the expert (credibility)
 some testimonials

We have been building link networks since 2003, we know what works and what doesn’t work. (Remember, we even spoke about building these things back in 2007!) And, we have been teaching other SEO’ers how to build them ever since, so I guess you can say this IS our area of expertise and there is no one… NO ONE, that has a better link network than we do.

We have learned the hard way so YOU don’t have too.

13 - Make your offer in detail - the product has already been presented but now we go into detail

State the things about the network that we ARE doing and then the things we AREN’T, ie., different IPs etc.

11 - Detail the benefits in bullet points

The Sites – what they look like

What they get

Security Measures

Who it is For and Who It isn’t for

How it works.

12 - Show proof/testimonials

start here

14 - Build up your value – Fragment your offer and then add it all up to increase value

Ok, let’s run down what you get.

15 - Add bonuses: And if THAT wasn't enough. 

start here

16 - Reveal your price

start here

17 - Inject scarcity

start here

18 - Give guarantee

start here

19 - Call to action

start here

20 - Give warning that if they don’t buy, here’s what will happen (i.e. will remain in pain)

start here

21 - Close with a reminder. P.S…

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Other 1 - ideas and stuff not sure where it goes


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Other 2 - ideas and stuff not sure where it goes

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